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We The People HEMP

We The People Hemp offers products that provide powerful assistance in addressing common everyday ailments. Relief from aches and pains, muscle soreness, mild anxiety and inflammation are just some of the ailments our customers find relief from. We stand behind every product we deliver.

The benefits of We The People Hemp keep 1000’s of our satisfied
customers coming back for more every month.

Why Choose We The People HEMP

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Our products help a wide range of people live more productive & healthier lives.

From better range of motion, less aches and pains and deeper sleep, We The People’s products deliver consistent results to customers worldwide. Our isolate CBD products are completely THC free while being engineered for quick absorption to get you the results you need fast.

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  • Superior CO2
    Extraction Process

  • Nano Technology

  • Isolate CBD

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WE The People HEMP

Our Best Sellers

300MG WTP Pain Relief CBD Cream

300MG WTP Pain Relief CBD Cream

4.8/5 (339)

4 ounces of high quality American-made 3oo MG CBD pain relief cream. Perfect for soothing tired joints and sore spots. Subscribe and save an extra 20% on this incredible CBD pain relief cream.



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3-Pack 1000MG WTP CBD Tinctures

3-Pack 1000MG WTP CBD Tinctures

4.6/5 (54)


3 Pack of peppermint flavored 1000MG CBD tincture oil. Buy in bulk and save over 50% with our monthly auto-ship program. American made isolate CBD oil, free of THC and workplace friendly.



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5-Pack WTP 1000MG CBD Tinctures

5-Pack WTP 1000MG CBD Tinctures

4.7/5 (77)


A 5 pack of 1000MG CBD oil at under $40 per bottle. An incredible savings over retail pricing, this high quality American sourced CBD oil will revive, restore and repair whatever ails you. Peppermint flavored CBD oil for a cool and refreshing taste.



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WTP 250MG CBD Tincture Oil

WTP 250MG CBD Tincture Oil

4.6/5 (199)


Isolate 250 MG CBD oil with refreshing peppermint flavoring. This cbd oil is made from organic hemp and is completely safe to take with no THC.


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Don’t take our word for it, read this
testimonial from a real WTP Hemp User.

“We The Peoples Hemp skin cream has proven invaluable in my fight against tennis elbow. My activity levels have drastically gone up since using the product and their customer support has been consistently refreshing”

Holly Williams

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What Are You
Waiting For?

Go ahead and pull the trigger, our award-winning CBD products will make you a believer in the healing capabilities of CBD. Our dedicated customer support specialists are available via phone , email and live-chat to assist you in finding the products that are right for your lifestyle.

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Safe Isolate CBD

Our isolate CBD products are completely THC –free and we have the lab tests to back that up. Don’t worry about potential embarrassing and punitive results from workplace testing. Our products are completely safe for everyday consumption or application.

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Don’t forget Fido or Mittens!
We help pets as well!

Your aging or anxious pet can also benefit from the extraordinary benefits of We The People's CBD products. A drop of two of our specially formulated Pet Tinctures will help your fur babies be their best.

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