Monday, March 5, 2018

My Mature Metal Queen's Keep chastity device

I just wanted to get my thoughts down quickly and publish.

I love this thing. I can't state how beautiful it is on and off and I feel almost complete with it on me. I honestly get lost and depressed when it is off and eventually it becomes resentment and anger. I do love this device.

There are issues though and I don't think I want to continue with just this device anymore. It is incredibly secure and does just about everything that I want but there are problems that I think I need to finally address after years with it.

The ring is too large
My scrotum is very close to my body and I wish they weren't because it would be easier to wear. But anything smaller really makes it difficult to get the device on.

It's too long
When I first got the thing it was the perfect size. What I realize is that I shrink a lot. I mean A LOT when I've worn it for over a day. Sometimes micro size which is actually really interesting. I would also like the shorting tube because I think it would look especially stunning if it were smaller. When I myself become smaller it'll just be fetching. Honest to god!

The gap is too large
This was my own mistake. I thought the gap was a problem when I first had it but it turns out that the smaller gap is actually preferred.

I hate the screw
There I said it. I hate the screw. It's a pain in the buns to screw the damned thing in. Straining my back and neck. Sometimes I don't want to take it off for cleaning and shaving just because how my neck is going to feel afterwards. I'm also terrified I'm going to drop and lose the screw. Then I wouldn't even be able to get it on.

I wonder if it's too heavy
I wonder if the weight of it is what is keeping it from being more snug with my pelvis or if that is just the nature of the beast. It has never occurred to weight it so I think I will do that when I do my next shave and clean.

It spins!
I am certain that this is going to be an issue with any device that has a loop instead of an oblong or non-circle shape. I hope that if I choose a device that has a urethral insert that this doesn't happen.

In closing
I could send it back to get it resized but then I'm a couple of months out w/o my device and I can't last that long w/o it.

In April I'm going to get a Steelworks Looker 2 with a plethora of accessories one being the side hatch. It's after my birthday but I planned on getting myself other "treats" for my birthday so this'll have to wait. Which I'm okay with doing anyhow. I wait eons for orgasms I can wait a few months for a new cage.

Then eventually get a full belt. I think I'm going to go with a My Steel Transformation belt. Pink or purple of course.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Sissy Skill Tree

A link to the full image: https://i.imgur.com/7a8yLsT.png

Mistress in this case is interchangeable is Domme, Dom, Master, Top, owner. That is just for simplicity.

I started this project to show to my Mistress as we've not played in a long while (house buying, moving, unpacking et al) and wanted to get back into the swing of things.

I would imagine it like a skill tree in a game but in reverse. In a game (Arkham Knight is a great example actually) you put experience into something and you fan out to more difficult things. In this it’s actually the reverse as any of the pink items are groupings of topics so it wouldn’t make sense to fan out. Now, the reason it works like this is because I chose a free online tool for mind mapping. Also because I think it’s best to be able to practice multiple skills at a time.

Y'all would pick a few Topic Groups that y'all feel is important. For instance Mistress and I will most likely start with Feminization, Etiquette and Practical skills. We'll pick a deep leaf in, lets choose a single topic first, deportment. She wants to teach me "Curtsey”, “Carrying Trays & Drinks”, “Kneeling” and “Various Heel Types & Heights”.

We can practice those for, say, a week and she’ll grade me on those skills. Test me if you will . 1 - 5 stars (kisses, maid’s hats or whatever fun grading scale y’all would choose). 3 or higher and you can move on to a different skill in any topic of any group. Once you’re graded at a 5 (in which I would hope that your mistress should have extremely high standards in order to reach) you’re considered to have mastered that skill in your mistress’ eyes. Of course she can always remove points from any skill if your mistress sees that you’re slacking in any way.

My Mistress and I will most likely shoot for 3 or 4s for most of a sub-tree group (deportment for instance) and move onto another one and then shoot for 5s in each leaf. What makes this really fun is if y’all make the grading a ceremony with many different punishments for not doing well enough. Say mistress wants to a first round test on “Curtsey”. We are shooting for a 3 (whatever that may be in her eyes). If I don’t perform as well as I should then, other than the amount of shame I would feel for disappointing her [and I already feel that warm chill thinking about it], I could get a severe punishment catered to me of course. Could be hitting me (low pain tolerance), tickling (super sensitive), being serious and not laughing (i’m a laugh slut) or what have you. She could do these tests every time she wants to go up a grade with the same punishments. Now, mind you, not everyone works well when punished and instead performs best when their dominant is a reasonable/loving dominant but that is far outside the discussion of the skill tree :).

If y’all would like y’all could have a full on ceremony for a topic group. Kind of like in a martial art when you’re getting your belt you can showcase the mastery of your skills for all the skills under a topic group. Y’all could have a group of friends over to show off all that you’ve learned and you can earn a new “thing”. I guess in this case it could be a new collar and each one is a different color much like in martial arts. White to black (or pink).

Also, if the tree is printed out then it would even be great to color the leafs when you’ve passed the “test”. 3 is yellow, 4 is green and 5 is gold. Stickers may be better when I think of it

Sunday, November 16, 2014

A sissy must always wear heels

Notes: Some of this text is copied from elsewhere and modified to fit context. I have the 3 links where I went to get the information at the bottom of the post.

Wether she wears 2" heels or 5" heels but she must always wear heels when they are a maid.

Benefits of wearing Heels
The major benefit of high heels is to draw attention to the legs (and ass) and to force the wearer to have proper posture. The higher the heels, the longer the legs look and the higher the ass is raised. Often high heels make sissies’ asses and legs look so enticing.

Someone wearing heels definitely draws attention. Men love a woman in heels, and a great pair of heels can also draw compliments from others.

Good heels and an appropriate walk (small steps, plenty of wiggling) are completely and totally essential. Spend as much time on this as it needs, because patience will eventually be rewarded.

A notable reason why one would wear high heels is that they make the wearer appear thinner. This is true with almost any type of outfit, including skinny pants. High heels make one look thinner in part because they force that person to stand taller. In addition to making one appear thinner, they also tone one's leg muscles.

High heels are common, especially with extreme heel heights. Sometimes bondage and/or platform heels. Ballet shoes, especially with extreme high heels, are a popular option. Stockings and garter belts are popular, but many sissies start with pantyhose.

Kitten Heels
Great for a true beginner that has never walked in anything but flip flops or sneakers. Your typical frat-bro turned sissy.

Great for learning in. They can be just about any height but because of their chunkier heels it's hard to not be able to perfect the walk in these after about an hour.

Classic style. Professional and no pizazz.

The sexy kind. The kind that every woman or sissy wants to wear. These are the ones with the very thin heel and are tall. These are the kinds that you should be striving for your sissy to be in at all times she's a sissy.

These are intense and for most people aren't meant to be used on a daily basis. You'll possibly use these for punishment or to keep your sissy immobile.

Learning to walk well in heels is a slow process and you need to watch out for unsatisfactory developments. Keep close tabs on what she is doing and work hard to correct any errors in how she walks. Before long she should be at the highest of heels.

The worst possible error is if she adapts to the heels but develops the clunking ‘power woman’ walk often found in career girls with short legs; that can be seen in almost any financial district of any town in the world. Elegant, restrained and sexual is what we are looking for. Do not accept compromise.

The easiest way to learn is to do it as often as possible. Learn from youtube videos. Remember, heel to toe is how you walk in heels of any height. 

It may be beneficial to force them to wear it even when they aren't a sissy. For instance if your husband/boyfriend is a sissy whenever they are around, even if not in sissy garb, they are to wear heels and walk around in them. Maybe sleep in them. If that is the case then it may be a benefit to force your sissy to also wear heel locks in combination with their heels. Here are two links:
Make sure that she has some rest time out of her heels. You don't want the Achilles tendon to shorten too much. http://bit.ly/11heNuy

But Why?
The most important part of this post is why it is a necessity for a sissy to learn, to walk in heels.

Some feminine traits that are said to be positive of women but are in fact negative (depending on the person you ask) are that someone that is feminine is delicate, weak, meek et. al. A sissy is those things. A sissy surrenders her being to her mistress but not just physically but mentally.

A sissy has no agency by either their will or another's and a sissy that is wearing high heels enforces the fact that she surrendered her comfort and her ability to walk unimpeded to her mistress. She is the object of her Mistress' fire, lust and love. A sissy is an object (to be objectified) and she belongs to Her Mistress. 

But without that mindset, that is consistently and forever trained into her by her mistress, she may still retain some thoughts of her independence. High Heels, the higher the better in this case, helps to break her of those thoughts and keep her in the proper headspace.



Monday, July 21, 2014

Sissy maid types

Here's the thing, sissy maids are about service. Yes, our kink involves dressing up really frilly and for me passable femme and stockings/tights are a must but after that part of the negotiation with our owners (masters or mistresses) it is out of your control. Your role is about service and pleasing others not about yourself and your needs and wants.

Trust me. I'd rather be played with and tied up all day every day but I have chores and things to do. If you don't do them properly your owner will hurt you. And they should hurt you badly enough that you don't want to repeat that behavior. That is the main difference between erotic punishment and being punished for doing something wrong.

So, that being said, lets discuss the roles of maids that you'd end up having to partake. There are a lot o different types of servants and you'll end up picking up a lot of these roles as you get trained. Unless your owner has the money to have multiple maids, which is unlikely to happen and that sucks, you'll have to do most if not all of these jobs. Even though it's a lot of work, especially in heels, is that you're making your owner happy and that should make your clitty hard in your cage. I hope it does. I'm having difficulty writing this while thinking about it.

This list comes from here. Notes: I've removed some of the more specific ones and cleaned up the text.

Lady's maid
A senior servant who reports directly to the lady of the house, but still ranked beneath the Housekeeper, and accompanied her lady on travel.

A generic term for maids whose function was chiefly 'above stairs', and were therefore usually a little older, and better paid; where a household included multiple House Maids they were often sub-divided as below:
  • Head house-maid: The senior house maid, reporting directly to the Housekeeper. (Also called "House parlor maid" in an establishment with only one or two upstairs maids).
  • Parlor maid: The parlor maids cleaned and tidied reception rooms and living areas by morning, and often served refreshments at afternoon tea, and sometimes also dinner. They tidied studies and libraries, and answered bells calling for service.
  • Chamber maid: The chamber maids cleaned and maintained the bedrooms, ensured fires were lit in fireplaces, and supplied hot water.
  • Laundry maid: The laundry maids maintained the bedding and towels, and also washed, dried, and ironed clothes for the whole household, including the servants.
  • Under house parlor maid: The general deputy to the house parlor maid in a small establishment which had only two upstairs maids.
Nursery maid
Reports to the Nanny rather than the Housekeeper. Works in the children's nursery, maintaining fires, cleanliness, and good order.

Kitchen & Head kitchen maid
A maid who reports to the Cook and assists in the running of the kitchen(s). Where multiple kitchen maids are employed the Head kitchen maid is effectively a deputy to the Cook, engaged largely in the plainer and simpler cooking. Sometimes cooking the servants' meals.

  • Under kitchen maid: Where multiple kitchen maids were employed these were the staff who prepared vegetables, peeled potatoes, and assisted in presentation of finished cooking for serving.
  • Scullery maid: The lowest grade of 'below stairs' maid, reporting to the Cook, the Scullery Maids were responsible for washing up cutlery, crockery, and glassware, and scrubbing kitchen floors, as well as monitoring ovens whilst Kitchen Maids ate their own supper.
  • Between maid: Roughly equivalent in status to scullery maids, and often paid less, the Between Maids in a large household waited on the senior servants (Butler, Housekeeper, Cook) and were therefore answerable to all three department heads, often leading to friction in their employment.

Still room maid
Junior maid employed in the still room; as the work involved the supply of alcohol, cosmetics, medicines, and cooking ingredients across all departments of the house, the still room maids were part of the 'between staff', jointly answerable to all three department heads, Butler, Housekeeper, and Cook.

In more more modern and realistic households a single Maid-of-all-work, you, will handle all of this work. Your owner has other things to do (work, fuck someone else, torture or humiliate you to release their tension, to go to a party et al) and they wont have time to do some or any of this work. That is the whole point in owning a sissy maid slave.

Your pleasure is always going to be put last but never never. You have work to do so get to it.

Do well and you'll make your owner so happy that they'll give you so much of what you want.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A milking as either a demonstration or in private

This is purely from my own wild imagination. Excuse me if this is not as grammatically correct, keeping proper tense or as coherent as I'd normally like [or anything else]. Also, I will be moving rather quickly through this and it won't be as thorough as I'd like but I wanted to get a gist down before I forgot it. I would also like to apologize for not writing as often as I or anyone else would like. Life and that. Something is better than nothing? I guess? Anyway, forward and onward.

We all know that a sissy is to be in chastity. Whatever it takes to get her into permanent chastity. We all know that milking is simply to keep the plumbing from getting backed up. We also know that a sissy should always eat her cum. Those are a given. Another given is how much we obsess over looking great, doing the housework and taking a fat cock in the ass. Ahem, please excuse my language.

Well, here is a position, that I thought of this evening and didn't want to forget, how your mistress can milk her sissy.

Sissy should be dressed up in all her regalia. That is part of the kink so we can't forget it. Lets say that it would be.

The sissy all dressed up

  • Wig (if needed)
  • Makeup
  • Satin gloves
  • Corset (for posture and curves)
  • Maid's dress
  • Very puffy petticoat
  • Fully fashioned stockings
  • Garter
  • Lockable heels (A sissy should forever be in heels)
A side note, I should make a garment blog or something so that I can point to it instead of always writing it here. 

Now, we will want to sit our sissy on a chair in reverse. Think AC Slater sitting in a chair.
Yeah, this is it.
Except we'll be tying our sissy up and she won't look like brute like this guy. Sheesh!

She's all tied up

Actually, it's best if I give an example:
Oh my, I'm getting flustered. 
Tie her just like that. You may want to put her arms in a binder for speed's sake and I love that. I love your ideas. Her legs are two columns that should be tied. Her ankles can be tied to the chair's legs or to a spreader bar. Just make it so that she can't wiggle or rock about because she will want to.

Next, put a harness on her. One with an open gag. A panel is okay but it defeats some of the purpose of this unless, of course, you make her wait till the end and have a full volume. I think I know you know where I'm going with this.
Yes, this one, perfect.

Take some rope and tie the top of the head to the spreader bar so that her head is forced back. Not too much because this milking demonstration is going to take awhile. 2 hours if we're all lucky kinksters.

From here her little clitty should be out. Now, you can do this in front of people or in private. In private you get to go about your business and leaving the sissy immobile in between milkings. She gets all the humiliation and depravity that comes with being a made except the excitement of being humiliated in front of friends. Kink friends not just some people you know. You don't want to completely ruin careers.

If you do it in front of some kink friends, and I recommend this because of all the excitement that goes along with public humiliation, you'll have to "put on a show". Or, at the very least, but most likely, you'll have to be a host. It is a party after all.

Here's what happens

Vibrate her little clitty while it's still in the cage

Like the title says. Make sure to collect everything. Explain why you're doing it. You want her to cum but not to be released from her chastity. This allows you to have dominion over here even more so than chastity because she's in complete bondage. You OWN her. You BULLY her. Her orgasm is yours and yours alone as she is YOUR PROPERTY. Saying this aloud to others will enforce it. Her belly will drop a little and she will feel abused and used. This is intentional and what you want. It is a demonstration after all. 

The fact that she came while inside her cage reinforces the fact that she is not even allowed a pleasurable orgasm outside of her cage. She also knows the consequences. She has to drink her sissy juice. 

If you want her to have it now then make her either hold it in her mouth before she swallows or to roll it with her tongue first. If not collect it for later.

Ruin an orgasm or 10

No matter what we say we LOVE ruined orgasms. You're touching our penis. You're playing with it. You're putting it in your mouth and your about to make us cum ... but then you don't. I won't lie that part is not actually fun. It's rather painful and can sometimes make us feel bad. I don't get it either but at least it isn't every time.

Do the same as before. Oh, don't forget the post orgasm torture. Keep rubbing her little clitty while she's in that bondage and can't possibly try to stop you. Slap her in the face when she gets too rowdy.

Cock & Ball Torture

As always be careful because lasting damage can occur but I will assume that you've done this before. You can flick the balls, smash the clitty or whatever you would like.

She should suck a cock

Optional but wow this would be great. Lets assume that you have male kinksters that you're friends with and they wouldn't mind this and your sissy has either trained for this or has done it before. Either way, take off that gag and let him jam his cock down her throat. Make sure she has something to stand on and that she won't fall over too easily.

If you three, or anyone in the group, is into the cuckold scene now is the time to make a scene of it. She'll be here watching all of you have a grand ole time while she's there with a throbbing clitty. Put a lubeless condom on her. We don't want anything to get away.

In closing

Oh, yeah, I almost forget, put a plug in her or something that will oscillate in and out of her ass. If it's another sissy or one of your bulls then make sure she gets her ass fucked.

Lets never forget. A sissy's role is to assist her mistress or master in whatever they want. Cleaning the house of their cocks swathed in cum. If those jobs are done then she's there for their amusement and her humiliation. She doesn't have a say.


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Having a sissy in chastity is a lot like having a rechargeable battery.


Sounds funny I'm sure but there is rhyme to my reason.

Chastity, like many other things, isn't a magical pill that will fix all your problems. Diet pills while they will work to remove pounds if you aren't careful you'll gain it all back. You'll need to do maintenance after the fact to keep the weight off and it is something that most people do not do. That ab blaster is not going to give you abs w/o the proper diet to rid the fat from your belly.
The basis for orgasm control/denial is founded, in part, on the idea that while the male is interested in pursuing sexual release he will be more solicitous of the lady’s pleasure, and in general more amenable to various services for her. For some, an additional motive is that more time between his releases will make them more powerful and pleasurable. However, the truth is that these effects are a complex mix of psychological and physiological effects, created by repeated “teasings” or other arousal which engage his desires and build at an emotional level.
So chastity isn't, on it's own, going to make the sissy (I always talk sissy on this site but this can also relate to your male submissive/slave), become more submissive or sexually frustrated. There is work on both ends that needs to be done in order to achieve this goal.

If you do not make sure that your sissy is sexually frustrated then it will not have the affect that you nor your sissy are hoping for. It'll just be another thing that is in your lives. It's an attachment on her body.

This is where the seed of the rechargeable batteries analogy flowers.


I said that in order to keep the game moving forward you must make sure that they are sexually frustrated but you may ask "How in Sam heck am I to do that?" It is very simple actually. There are three things that you'd want to do and I'll enumerate them here.

  1. Teasing and Denial
  2. Ruined Orgasms, CBT, Post Orgasm Torture
  3. Prostate Milking
Essentially do you not want your sissy to have a pleasant orgasm. If you can just do ever let them have one again so long as there are no medical issues, of course. If you can keep her from having a satisfying orgasm you'll keep your sissy at the height of her erotic energy and she will not be able to resist your charms. Or whims or beatings or humiliations or cuckolding.

Tease & Denial

This is where you want to start. T&D is the easiest thing you can do and can be so powerful that the other two aspects of this game can be done sparingly. The T&D will make your little sissy/slave want to explode. There isn't much that you need to do and it's different for each sissy. Whatever the trigger is for your sissy is what you'll want to focus on.

For instance, me, it's about dressing and cuckolding. If my mistress talks about how exciting or fun it is for her to see me in sissy garb with a nice pair of stockings/pantyhose that is enough for my clitty to want to break out of it's metal cage. If she touches me or teases oral sex it will hurt but it's enough to make my little dicklet's balls begin to fill. Serving, bondage, humiliation et al are all things that excite me and I'm sure some or most if not all of these things and more will do it for your sissy. 

Perhaps if she's like me then she'll love to underdress. When you go out for a dinner together have her wear her corset and stockings and a butt plug jewel under her boy clothes. Sure, she'll have to wear boy clothes every once in awhile and it's best when she's dressed up like a little slut but it doesn't mean that she can't be dressed underneath :)

Have her train to suck/take a cock and eat cum. I'm sure that'll really make her dicklet hard. Or, if it's in chastity as it should be, then it will try to get hard.

Ruined Orgasms, CBT, Post Orgasm Torture

These techniques are different from the other two headings. You'll have to remove the chastity cage for most things in here to properly spike that erotic energy.

Ruined Orgasms

This one is cruel and so much fun. For you. I promise you that every sissy dreams of mostly the same thing and Ruined Orgasms & CBT are two topics that will show up in their fantasy list.

A ruined orgasm is simply an orgasm that isn't pleasurable. That means that you can put post orgasm torture because it diminishes the pleasure received from an orgasm it can be done before, after or including any of the other methods so I will discuss that one later.

There are many techniques that you can use to ruin an orgasm and one of the most popular is the release method. Once your sissy is going to have her orgasm just release right at the point of no return. She'll spurt but with no extra friction or pressure it is completely unsatisfying and, if you're lucky, she'll want to cry. You can even demand that she tells you when she is about to cum so that she is the orchestrator of the demise of her orgasm. It adds a little to the humiliation but also, simply put, it's funny.

There is the "stop gap" method. Instead of releasing you pinch the tip or close it with your thumb and do not let anything out. It's painful and humiliating. There are plenty of other methods that you can find online. 

Using a vibrator while your sissy is still in chastity and allowing her to cum is beautiful and merciful. It is also great because your sissy is still in clitty bondage and there is that reminder that while she came she still had to come in a cage.

Using a vibrator while your sissy is still in chastity and still ruining it is sublime.


CBT is shorthand for Cock & Ball Torture. Use humblers, flick the balls, squish the balls or put weights on them. All this and more. I'm sure that her clitty will be righteously hard.

Post Orgasm Torture

Post orgasm torture is quite simple. It doesn't need to be done with a ruined orgasm but it makes the experience so much more regrettable for your sissy if you do. This is a sub-facet of CBT since you are definitely torturing the cock and balls.

After she spurts many things happens to a male's biology once they do. They drop in dopamine making them not want to continue having sex or partaking in the affair. All that erotic energy goes away like magic and all those things that they said that they wanted they will not. Their little clitty also becomes extraordinarily sensitive. This is the important part.

When you keep touching, but more importantly here, stroking, that extra sensitive clitty it will be enormously painful for her. She will flail, she will fight, she will plead and she will do anything to stop you from stroking her. This is post orgasm torture.

Just be careful and have her tied up if you plan to do this. She may mistakenly hit you because she can't handle herself.

Prostate Milking

This one is the most humiliating. Once you have learned to do this you'll want to just, well, milk her. You massage her prostate and it'll dribble out in buckets (not in literal buckets but more than she normally does) and all without having to touch her filthy useless clitty.

Think of it as maintenance of the pipes. Or maintenance of your plaything/toy.

You've teased and denied her and you want her balls to be smaller because they are just too annoying. Or she's having more difficulty walking around and doing the tasks that she needs to accomplish to make you happy. You also do not want her to orgasm because that would mean that you'd have to start from scratch with chastity. And a ruined orgasm gives her a little bit of pleasure.

Well, a prostate massage gives her no pleasure if done correctly AND you empty out her worthless balls. Win-win-win-win-win. If you make sure that she enjoys her product all the better.

Some information on Prostate Milking.

Where do I go from here?

Keep teasing, keep denying orgasm, keep ruining her orgasms and milk as needed. If you can do it throughout the day.

It's what she wants so why not comply? Besides, keeping her in a high state of arousal is of great benefit to you :)


Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sissy challenge: Unlock & Orgasm

Here's a nasty little scene that you can try with your sissy that should give you a hour or more of enjoyment and laughter. It is preferable if you do this with an audience and on her milking/orgasm day.

Toys you'll need

  • Electro anal bulb
  • Sissy in chastity
  • A sussied up sissy (dress, corset, stockings, ballet shoes, makeup, wig)
  • Key in ice
  • Heat gun (preferably is constant on or use rubber bands)
  • Heat gun stand
  • Dead Man switch or Pressure switch
  • Oodles of rope
  • Electrical tape
  • Chastity key in ice

Some preparations

The preparations are simple. After you've hobbled your sissy into the play area you'll want to do a few things.
  • Frog tie her
  • Tie up her balls and take a long piece of rope and tie that to an anchor
  • Tape up her hands
  • Ice block with the key in the center. Hopefully it is 5 inches down.
  • Put the ice block under the stand with the heat gun there.
  • The heat gun should be plugged into the switch. It should be close enough to her so that she she reaches for it she'll pull on her balls.
  • The bulb goes into the sissy's ass and have the switch ready
  • Flesh light and mount

The Rules

The sissy has 1 hour to melt the ice block, get unlocked and have an orgasm. Sissy is not guaranteed an orgasm nor a pleasurable one. Sissy may be harassed, humiliated and of course tortured on her mini quest to get her orgasm. Per the usual sissy will clean up with her tongue afterwards and possibly service any other audience members if they so choose.

The game

It will be painful for the sissy to crawl/drag herself close enough to the switch to hit it. The closer she gets or the longer she hits the switch the more pain she should feel in her little sissy balls.

Every 1/10th of the ice that melts you get to move the switch 2 inches. By the time the key can be retrieved the switch should have been moved 10 inches and your little sissy should be in serious pain to hit the switch.

Since your little sissy's hands are taped up it is you that unlocks her chastity. Feel free to tease and make this take longer than it should.

The anal plug is not for her pleasure it's for you to switch the electricity on at random intervals for a length of time that you feel is most entertaining for yourself and possibly your audience.

Mistress may also decide to spank or prod her sissy while she is making her way to the key. For instance, taking off her ballet shoes to tickle her or pinching her nipples etc.

If sissy does get unlocked in time then sissy is allowed to fuck the mounted fleshlight while still in bondage. Either way Mistress may decide to do post orgasm torture if sissy finishes.

There you have it. Have fun and post any comments as to how I can put in more detail or modify the game.

Reference Images

This is a beautiful tie that you could use on your sissy.
The panel gag is perfection and her muffled cries from electric play would be, well, delightful.
A great tie to use but she should be on her tummy.
This may even be better than a frog tie. It's all up to you (Mistress) of course.


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Recommended Annual Orgasms Chart

I simply couldn't help myself. I couldn't bear with the evilness, and short sightedness, of the original Recommended Annual Ejaculations Chart.

The things that I disliked so much about that chart was that it only expected ejaculations. Ejaculations do not an orgasm make. If you've played with tantric sex, and I'm specifically speaking to the men (former men also) you'll know that this is the case.

There is so much you can do with the semen too and it saddens me that this is put out there. I know it's most likely a fantasy, and maybe even created while in the heat of fantasy from being in chastity for so long, but I wouldn't use it even as a suggestion. It does give me some good ideas so I decided to create my own. Essentially there is is only one difference but it's major in abstract.

This is recommended orgasms per year. I much more prefer this one over the other one. Now you have the option of ruining orgasms to keep the erotic battery levels high. The ruined orgasm still gives them some pleasure, with most of it coming from you touching their penis, but they do not get enough. It's not complete. Their frustrating is yet even higher. Hint: Keep stroking to assert dominance and buckets of pain.

You also have the option to prostate milk your sissy. Milking them is such a good way to get the semen out and with skilled fingers they will not feel an micron of pleasure. They are so, incredibly, crazily horny and they derive no pleasure from the ejaculation  when they normally would. How hot is that? How humiliating is that? 

For many people, sissies like me included, chastity is a very big part of our humiliation and bondage that we oh so crave. Honestly, if you are a potential mistress or player of the game, you need to understand that this is sexy for many of us because of the humiliation aspect. You don't need to force us to wear the getup or get into chastity. The fact that you're willing to do it and help us break the chains of our normal routine and societal bonds is such a big show of love for us. We want, love, CRAVE this because it is absolutely and a complete 180% turn on everything that is is to be a traditional alpha male. All the things that is normally meant for men such as not showing emotions, not having anything attractive to wear, our fashions rarely changing but instead being updated, not being able to show our emotions, not being able to show love openly, not being able to submit to someone else and god forbid that master be a woman is a giant change for us. That change we crave is part of the humiliation. It eventually, and hopefully, grows on us and we become more open but just the fact that the humiliation aspect is there is important.

So, with that humiliation aspect somewhat, but I should go into greater detail in yet another blog post, you can see why doing even more with the semen is not only an enormous turn on but also should necessitate the excretion of the fluid but not include an orgasm.

I'm sorry I rambled and I'm sure that this is a lot to take in and I"m also very sure that I didn't make the greatest amount of sense. I just hope that I can separate the silly fantasy from real and rational play.

The greatest of luck <3


Recommended annual ejaculations chart

I was on reddit as on one of the sub-reddits I found an interesting image. It's title is Recommended annual ejaculations chart:
This is somewhat fantastic. It means that, for myself, at the time of this writing, I would get 8 orgasms per year. I'm 33 years old with a 6 inch penis.

Clearly this is written for sissies, cuckolds and chastised men. Also, it's very ambiguous to what the ejaculation should be. I like the idea of milking for maintenance and ruined orgasms for that erotic energy up but if this means ejaculations then that would mean that these two activities constitute as ejaculations and that scares me. It also means that your sissy's balls would be enormous throughout the year. I think that would hurt and, in my opinion, may be very unfair to your little girl. It would be great fun for you.

So I think that the chart should be about orgasms and not ejaculations. If you limit it to just spilling seed then that really puts a divide between the mistress and the maid. Most maids are attached to a mistress that is their wife and having not intimacy between these two parties really saddens my heart. It goes from being a fun game to a clinical and professional relationship. This may be what you want but it is far from what I want from my Mistress. So 8 (preferably 6 or less) orgasms a year would be ideal. Ejaculations per years should be unlimited.

Seriously, if mistress ever decides to loan me out to as a maid or a sexy she-girl to another domme, dom or to a group to be fucked or to server (and thusly be fucked) I will be all dressed up and in chastity. When you don't get to cum from penile activity it is highly likely you can from anal activity. Though I'm not sure if it's an orgasm or just, yet another, prostate ejaculation. I don't think that should could.

Lastly, it doesn't say but I think that this chart is good for the first year of chastity. Then from there on out you cut out 1/3 of the orgasms. So in a few months for me I would suggest 6-4 orgasms per year instead of the 8. 

When it all is said and done it doesn't truly matter what I, a lowly sissy maid, thinks as it's the sissy's position, her whole existence is to serve so if her lady wants her to not ejaculate for more than 3 months then so be it.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

How sissy learns to love the taste of cum

Most sissies want to service a cock and learn to take it in their precious little sissy pussy. They also have a need to taste, or even eat, the cum. Of course, like anything else in life, this requires training.

Mostly eating cum is about erotic humiliation which is the best kind of humiliation. Read more about it here if you feel so inclined.

This involves a certain amount of finesse and a lot of work on the Mistress.

A few notes for the Mistress.

An orgasm will kill all erotic feelings that your sissy has

This is why chastity play is so incredibly important. It keeps them extremely submissive and allows you to do whatever you want to them. Once you let out that cum, when paired with an orgasm, then you lose all that work that you've done. What you want to do is to remove the orgasm from the milking but that is more difficult but can be one.

Once an orgasm has occurred your little sissy will lose all interest in the game. They'll be thinking clearer now and they'll be embarrassed to be in drag, or servicing you or what have you. Fantasies be gone.


To get the cum out milk your sissy through the prostate or give a ruined orgasm. Prostate milking is best as they will not feel even the slightest pleasure. Think of it as a male hack. This is outside of the scope of this article but I will post more on it later when, hopefully the time comes, that I learn more about it from experience and not just reading/researching about it.

How to

I'm sorry that it took me so long to get to the crux of the article.

There is a short and cruel way and there is the way that takes finesse and is more of a game. I prefer the second way but lets discuss them both in sequence.

Short/Cruel Way

This is the way that I do not recommend but is the fantasy of most sissies. I feel it is best to build up to it and then you can do the short cruel way more often as it's a very humiliating act.

You have had a scene, lets say it was about an hour long, and you have teased and denied your little submissive to the point of explosion. You've, at some point, gathered that he wants to eat cum either his own or someone else's and you've decided that right now is the time w/o any milking or buildup. 

You tell your submissive that you plan to make him eat his cum. Knowing that in the heat of the moment any male will agree to anything to get that orgasm he says yes. You keep coaxing him while you stroke him (riding him is a great way to do it as well).

You let him cum.
You wait for him to come back to reality and the last of his orgasm is over (takes but a moment).
You collect his expenditure (condom, in your hand, cum etc).
Make sure that he makes eye contact with you.
Make him eat it.

My god, at this point, he will NOT want to do it. There is no erotic energy going through him, he spent it in his orgasm, and he will fight.

If you get him to do it then fantastic. You've throughly humiliated him, maybe in a fierce and mean way, and it will take him a moment to get back to his normal self. 

Nuanced Way

This requires the use of chastity. As a matter of fact if you aren't using chastity with your sissy you should reconsider it. I have a post about the benefits of chastity and why you should use it with your sissy here (link incoming).

In order to achieve this goal there are a few simple rules that you want to follow.

  1. Do not let your slave out of chastity.
  2. Tease and denial to keep his sexual energy up.
  3. Make sure that they taste so that they learn the flavor so that they can work up to it
  4. Cross dress
Unfortunately, most men have a feeling that only women or homosexual men should be allowed to eat cum or even taste it. Regardless of your views this male will be much more comfortable doing his when dressed as a female. Use this to your advantage.

Normally, in instances where you want to rush to the conclusion, I would suggest at minimum five days with a maximum of two weeks. Three days is the lower limit because that is when most men will build up the erotic energy necessary to get them to be as submissive as possible. That effect that gets them back to their courting days when all they wanted to do was please you.  

Three days w/o release, and possibly with a lot of teasing, may be enough but I would suggest at least five days just to be safe and sure that they are where they should be: a whimpering, simpering submissive. Two weeks is fool proof and may be a little cruel for some couples but at that point you know for sure that they will be "there".

In this nuanced section I'll be describing a 12 day plan. The reason I like the 12 day plan is so that you can enjoy the building up of the experience. You only get to fully experience this with someone once, unless, of course, you are a professional and do this to multiple submissives, so it is better to savor the experience and build up to the conclusion slowly. The simmering, like in tease and denial, is the fun part. It's not always the orgasm that's best (the end) it's the building up to the orgasm that makes the orgasm so much better. So in this 12 day plan you'll build up the tension, for the event that that know is coming (cumming if I wanted to be so crude; I guess I did want to be so crude) you'll get to feel it all slowly, delicately, delightfully as you make it to the finish line.

Essentially this plan breaks down into four three day segments. Every three days your submissive will have a plain-jane orgasm. Each time building up your submissive's sexual energy.

3 Days in

Three days isn't enough time for your submissive to simmer or boil over, under normal circumstances, unless your sissy transforms faster than others, so in order to make sure that they are constantly where you need them to be you'll have to mercilessly tease and deny your submissive. You know everything that they like, or should, or they have told you, and you should be using all of that information to your advantage. If they like bondage, whippings, strip teases, you with other men/women et al make sure to do these things.

At this point tease and deny your submissive every day and night. If you can manage it tease them in the afternoon as well. Getting them to SMS you a picture of them in chastity is a great way to play the game while they're at work. To tease them when you're with them try using your mouth near or around their chastity or play with them anally. Let them watch you masturbate or play with anal toys. Have them pleasure you orally. Whatever it takes to get their penis to try to force it's way out of it's cage is what you should be doing.

You may not even begin playing the sissy maid game/lifestyle.

All this teasing is going to have your submissive's little clitty drip little bits of pre-cum. Lets consider this the "appetizer".

Your sissy/submissive will be dripping a lot every day and not just from every teasing. Their discharge will not be voluntary. There is just something about male chastity cages that makes men do this. If it happens at night then you don't need to worry about any nocturnal emissions but if it happens during the day then make sure to check their cage for any fluids. If you make them wear panties or a condom over the cage all the better. It keeps things clean and keeps your sissy from being sticky-icky all over. I promise you that it's easier to do our work if we aren't concentrating on keeping our thighs from touching because our fluids are making them stick. 

Now, what to do with their daily emissions?

Take that pre-cum and rub your finger in it. Get them to come closer and rub it in their gums and on their tongue. This is to get them to get used to the salty taste. Have them use their tongue to get it off their gums. Not only will this be lightly comical to you it should be slightly humiliating and, hopefully disgusting to them.

Do this as often as possible. Preferably after all teasing sessions and any time you see that it's dripping. Check their panties (or underwear if they're still wearing underwear) and see if there is anything in there. You are trying to get them more and more used to the taste w/o taking a full load.

6 Days in

So the first three days have finished. Now for the fun part for your sissy: making them orgasm. If they are in a cage then it's preferable that they don't come out of it. If there is one thing that you want is for them to never come out of their cage for anything other than the very important (ruined orgasms, tattoos, doctor appointment, flying et al). This instills the feeling of being enslaved or being caged. Like a lion that mates with a lioness at a zoo. Their pleasures and needs are for the viewing pleasure of everyone else knowing that they have no freedom. You always want them to associate that cage, that prison, with everything that they do.

This means that they will cum in their penis prison. The fastest and easiest way to do this is with a vibrator but first a bit of warning. You both will know that they can orgasm with a vibrator. Make sure to lock up all your vibrating toys so that they don't get off while you're out. When they become engulfed in sexual energy all they'll want to do, even if they don't want to, and I promise you that they or I will regret it right after, will still use it. Put a small padlock on the electrical prong if needed. Then it can't be locked in.

Collect the "drippings" from their orgasm. This cum will be the first bit that we'll keep. Put it in something, like an ice cube tray, and freeze it.

Make sure to have them eat their pre cum but not this first load. This one we wait for them to have later.

Since they've had an orgasm you must understand that their submissiveness, from their chastity, is now gone. All that magic that has been built up is "magically" gone which is unfortunate but not something that cannot be overcome.

Just go back to the tease and denial regimen from before. As a matter of fact that regimen is what you'll need to do every time your submissive has an orgasm. Tease as often as possible and make them taste their pre-cum.

9 Days in

They get another orgasm! Yippie!

We all know that this is just temporary right? They may not but their orgasms will become fewer and fewer per year. 4 a year seems fair by most accounts from blogs that I've read from mistresses around the blog-o-sphere. I felt ashamed to write that. I'm sorry.

Anyway, before they have their orgasm you need to get that iced cum cube. Tell them that they'll be sucking on this iced cum cube (ICC) while you vibrate them to orgasm. they aren't allowed to chew it and swallow it to get it down faster. They need to savor it. They need to relish it. They need to feel that humiliation. Do this however you want but I suggest to not let them out of their penis prison. I would also suggest to plug or peg them while you do this because there will be an enormous amount of pleasure doing all this together that eventually they'll associate eating semen with orgasms and/or anal pleasure.

Do not let them cum until they've sucked the ICC down then they can have their orgasm. When they have their orgasm make sure to save it as you did before. Make your, possibly, last ICC out of it.

Now you're back to square one with your submissive. Back to teasing them until they are back to that peak sexual energy. I hope this isn't a chore for you as it should be a ton of fun for you both.

12 Days in

This is the last set so lets make it count. You'll do a very intense tease and denial scene. Essentially what you want to do is spend a lot of time in T&D so that they will do whatever it is that you want. Make them want to eat their cum. Make them beg to eat the ICC. 

So let them.

Let your submissive have their ICC but keep teasing them. This may be a good time to actually take off the cage so that your teasing can become increasingly effective (perhaps doing it via a hand job with a lot of lube). This is so that they can get as much sensation as possible. Once they've they've finished their ICC treat wait about 10 more min, if you can, but don't stop teasing. While you're doing this they shouldn't have cum in 3 days so make sure that you keep telling them that you expect them to eat their cum. Your submissive should be "eager" to eat it. They should be saying anything just to have you let them cum

Then let them erupt.

Then make them eat their cum.

Feed it to them slowly or quickly or via spoon. Either way make them eat the hot version this time. Lock them back up and perhaps make them eat it again doing it a different way. Prostate massage is the Domme standard.

From here on out

You don't want to let them orgasm as frequently but instead you'll want to milk them. Once you milk them you make them eat whatever they cum up with (that pun was so heavy handed I couldn't help but use it).

The best way to do this is to force them into a position that makes milking easy for you. They should be on their hands and knees (preferably in a dedicated room with dedicated milking furniture) and massage their prostate. Have something ready to collect their drippings be it a condom that is attached to their chastity cage (remember, there is little reason to ever remove it) or a cup under neath. The condom makes it easy as it will catch it no matter how it's attached and there is no worry about shots fired in unexpected directions.

Once they have been milked, sans orgasm, make them drink their cum. This humiliation is bar none while keeping their sexual energy at it's zenith.

Advanced options

As you train feel free to mix it up and do other more advanced activities when making them eat their cum. There are literally an infinite way to feed him his [or someone else's] cum but here are some simple ones off the top of my head.
  • Put it on a realistic dildo and make them suck it off of there.
  • Pour it over your genitals (be wary of this that it doesn't go inside) and make him eat it off of there. This one is crucial to cuckold training.
  • Pour it on your feet and have him suck your feet clean. If you're sticky from the cum make sure that he feels his mistake all over his body.
  • Save it for later in more cum cubes.
  • Make him eat his food with it on it. Preferably over his favorite dish. Have him associate the pleasure of his favorite food with cum on it.
  • Peg your sissy while you make him eat it out of a dog bowl or off the floor.
  • Prostate milk your sissy, collect the cum, have them hold but not swallow the cum and tease their clitty out of it's cage. Using lube is best for the strongest sensations. Do not allow them to orgasm and if you can ruin the orgasm then do a post orgasm torture (keep rubbing). Then either
    • Allow them to swallow
    • Spit it onto the floor and then lick it up


Once you have your sissy eating cum then you have a whole world of options with her. Make her a sissy maid sex slave, a sissy maid bondage slut, a sissy maid sex slut, furniture et al. 

Remember, this is not something that you stop doing. Every time your little sissy maid cums she must eat it and w/o exception. Even if you are in a public spot. Make her go into the mens bathroom and eat it. Keep her vigilant. Keep her slutty.


Make sure to remind him that he's eaten [his] cum sometime after the event to keep him in check. Perhaps a "Remember, I've gotten you to eat cum, perhaps I'll do it again. Maybe another man's cum". This will utterly humiliate him and depending on how masculine your submissive is (lets say that they are out of sissy drab) this could stop an argument mid sentence. It's a very powerful tool.

Until another time

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sissy predicament bondage

Whatever she wants to wear

Sissy maid
Full sissy dress plus her required chastity cage

Furniture & Toys
Electric wand
Anal hook
Suspension frame

Have your sissy's wrists tied up as tied to the ceiling or a suspension frame.

This is a game. You give a reward for everything she does right. Every time she does something wrong you spank her really hat with your hand or you paddle her.

For extra delight have her wear ballet shoes (not boots so you see most of her legs in stockings) instead of heels. It'll be harder to move around in and when she moves it'll be funny.

As for rewards make them simple. A deep kiss, 10 seconds I vibrator on her clitty, one day less in chastity before orgasm, the honor of giving you a tongue bath, allow her to watch and play with her clitty out of chastity as you make love to someone.

Foot tickling
Armpit tickling
Nipple sucking
Ball slapping
Electrode stimulation
Face slapping
No erection while watching porn

When this is over put a thick anal hook in her and let her stay there for a couple of hours while you read, knit or watch tv. Keep and eye out and feel free to play with her a little every once in awhile.

Sissy sex slave

Pin up makeup

Sissy maid
Under bust corset
Chastity cage.
Heels and heel lock
Full makeup, wig, painted nails

Furniture & Toys
Electric wand
Face strapon

Predicaments & punishments:
Foot tickling
Armpit tickling
Nipple sucking
Ball slapping
Magic wand -> soles of feet & balls
Face slapping
In chastity while watching porn

Have slave lay down on her back while in a straight jacket. Have the slaves ankles tied together with rope then the other end tied to a post so she can't move. She should be in heels at this point.  Perhaps ballet heels or boots because they are super sexy.

While she is wearing the face strap-on sit on slave's face and ride it until you cum or you are satisfied. Perhaps orgasm multiple times while using the hitachi.

At any time mistress may want to take slaves heels off and tickle your slave's feet or use the wand.  Or use the wand anywhere else for the scared eyes and severe squeaking that the slave will do.

Smother her with your genitals to keep her on edge. Yell at her for letting her lipstick smear because it makes slave look slutty when you don't want her to. Put the lipstick back on and make her do it again.

Make her suck the dildo clean before putting it back on. Make sure she does it like a slutty sissy otherwise she'll get it in her ass. It's at mistresses discretion whether it goes in or not regardless. Make sure to deep throat her until her eyes are wet. Anytime is a good time to train the gag reflex.

At mistresses discretion she may let the slave stay in this predicament for as long as she desires. Perhaps using the wand again or tickling again purely for comedic effect for the mistress.

Laying on her chastity device but facing her feet, and slave must not be gagged, you can tickle her while getting information out of her. Perhaps a fantasy or make her recite a poem of your choosing (she should know it ahead of time). Perhaps you tell her that you'll do it for x amount of time and if slave squirms you spank her ass with the paddle 3 times. Maybe you sit on the floor and make slave clean your feet. This is a fun idea to also do after a workout so they are nice and sweaty.

Once this part of the scene if over let her "free" and let her fix her makeup, hair and/or attire and have her serve you. Perhaps you can watch tv while she is on her hands and knees and you have a plate on her back.

Sissy slut object horsing around

Whatever she wants to wear

Sissy maid
Leather under-bust corset
Black FF stockings
Ballet boots
Metal chastity cage
Posture collar
Wig and makeup
Dicklet ribbon
Black leather open faced hood
Red ball gag
Blindfold of sorts
Nipple clamps with weights
Leather arm binder
Hands taped up into balls
Leather mini skirt

Furniture & Toys
A Symbian with an anal inpatient that vibrates very intensely. Perhaps attached to a hitachi somehow.

Electric prods
Fucking machine

Have your sissy put in her wig, do her nails and makeup and shave all over.

Let her put on her stockings and garter. Help her into her miniskirt and corset. Help her put on her ballet boots.

Put on her collar and hood. The hood should be nice and tight. Once you've taped up her hands well put her into her mono glove.

She's fully dressed at this point so feel free to use your sadistic side to pinch, prod, slap, and hit her baby. Maybe even slap her balls some or spit on her. Humiliation and corporal punishment is a huge turn on for a lot of people especially your slave.

Walk your slave object to where you've put the Symbian. It would be best put in a place with hookups for rope. Lube up the dildo on your saddle and have her sit on it. As her knees are bent tie her legs together (each leg in its own) so she can't really move. Tie the tip of the mono glove to the ceiling and her collar to the floor

She should be completely unable too move and just struggle. ask her to try to get out of her entrapment. The struggle should give you the giggles.

If you can add a bit of predicament bondage to the mix then let it be so.  For instance if you put an electrical pad under your slaves balls to shock her if she moves even the slightest but that would do wonders for your vindictive/sadistic side.

At this point you should put on her nipple weights and ball gag. Feel free to do what you want to her nipples. Suck on them or flick them or slap and bite them. It's completely up to you. You're making maiming furniture and you get to interact with your furniture in any way that you wish.

This would be a great moment to turn on the vibrator and watch what happens with glee. The deeper and wider the dildo is the more fun you will have. if it spins in any way then watch out. She will probably cum in seconds and after that it could just be a torture.

If the relationship is there then have your boyfriend over for a bout of sex. Have him touch and play with your sissy object. This would be a good time to take off the gag, tuen off the Symbian and have your sissy slut get your boyfriend excited, hard.

Do whatever you want with your boyfriend but make sure that the machine is off so that your slave can here what you are up too. Blind folded and gagged. Do it in the same room.

Once you're finished have your boyfriend blow his second load in your sissy's mouth. It's a present. Let her enjoy it.

Maybe after he leads or while he's still there remove the rope from the mini glove and remove her boots. She is most  likely very sweaty and let her cool off some.

Pull on the rope on the collar and tie it tighter so that she's completely bent over with her smooth big ass in the air. Feel free for both of you to laugh at her awkward position. She looks like a bitch in heat but with balls and emasculated.

Ow would be a great time to have your boyfriend spank her ass as hard as possible. Making them red. If you two want and he can fuck her ass. Either way this is just time to let the fucking machine do its work. Possibly put your genitals in her mouth as her mouth should be near the floor. If you and your boyfriend are good to go again then, then, fuck again.

When the night is over and you let your slave object out of her predicament she will be on a very big high and you will need to spent plenty of time with her cuddling and taking care of her as she comes out of from sub space.

Let her sleep in the puppy cage.

Sissy maid service

Whatever she wants to wear

Sissy maid
Ff stockings
4.5" heels or higher
Heel locks
Chastity cage
Dress and corset
Wig and makeup
Dicklet ribbon
Inflatable anal plug (if desired)

Have her wait on you hand as foot. Make sure that you make her suffer.

Any time you leave make sure to tie her to her "resting" place. Posture

Slave bitch object

Sultry makeup (if any desired).

Slave Object
FF stockings (red)
Black leather under bust corset
Latex mitts
Latex full cat hood (red eyes and mouth)
Latex catsuit
Leather belt straps
Long black hair wig
Ballerina Heels (boots?)
Chastity cage
Toe nail and hand nail polish.
Various butt plugs (doggie tail)

Do this
Firstly use the belt straps to turn your slave object into a puppy. To do this mimic the bitch suit by belting each leg to itself and the arms as well. Left arm to left shoulder and left ankle to left thigh.

At this point why not use your plaything like the object she is. Have her walk up to he couch and lay things on her back and use her as a table.

The next parts are ideas and are in no particular order:

Or have her walk around the house as dog and bark at command. Make her whimper by plunging a large dildo in her ass repeatedly and or paddling her latex clad ass with a wooden spoon.

Force feed her a gallon of water and make her pee into a pail. Then have her grab the pail with her teeth and bring it to the bathroom.

Take off her Ballerina boots and tickle her feet until she whimpers. Make sure to put the gag in her mouth first.

Talk to her like a pet and punish her when she doesn't do something right or fast enough.

Humiliate your object by telling her that she can't fuck you. Or that her dick I'd useless so it's caged in plastic/metal.

Humiliate her by masturbating using the hitachi in front of her face. When done take off her gag or mouth covering and make her clean you off.

Use make her cum onto a plate by either using the hitachi or prostate massage. Then she must slowly lick it up while your laugh.

Use a small stick to flick the soles of her stockinged feet. Whenever she whimpers you add 3 more strikes. Start with 10 strikes.

Slap her balls. Possibly flick them with your finger or a rubber band. If her mascara runs down her face from tears the. You've done something right.

Leave items around the room. Have her pick them up with her mouth. Give her a time limit to bring them all to you. If not accomplished you punish her in your choosing. If accomplished give her some love (hugs, petting, kissed, gentle caressing, on her back and back rubs) and then lower the time limit and have her do
It again until she fails. Repeat for your own amusement.

Slap her face whenever she does something wrong.

Make her eat from a bowl.

Put a suction cup dildo at anus level on a wall. Then put on your strap-on. Lead your slave object to the wall until she is penetrated by the wall dildo. Now fuck her mouth with your dildo. Don't stop I'd she gags. Don't stop if her eyes tear.

When done your scene(s) would have been a few hours if not more. Your slave object would have been drenched in sweat. Undress her and bring her to the shower.

She may be in sub-space and coming down. Make sure that you carefully being her into the tub or shower. Gently and lovingly clean your slave.

When dried off put her in bondage for storage while you go to watch a couple hours of tv or movies. She's in a cage so she can't get off. Plug her up and or put on her favorite item of clothing. Wigs and stockings.