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We are a group of professional and amateur woodworkers who live and work in the vicinity of Grand Rapids in the western portion of Lower Michigan. We formed the West Michigan Woodworkers Guild as a not-for-profit organization in order to share expertise, learn from craftsmen, and promote the art of woodworking.

The Guild hosts monthly educational meetings. We welcome membership by all woodworkers, regardless of what they build, their level of skill, style of work, or their profession.


Our goal is to encourage the highest standards in woodworking, while allowing each of our members to grow at their own pace, from whatever level of skill and accomplishment they begin with.  Simply put, we want each of our members to become the best woodworker they are capable of, and to enjoy telling their Guild friends about it along the way.


West Michigan
Professionals and Newcomers

Second Tuesday of each month except July and August.               (616)706-8057

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