Mountaineer Woodturners

Getting Started

It can be very daunting when you first start woodturning, here are a few basic articles to help get you start in your new adventures!

Welcome to Mountaineer Woodturners


Getting Started

If your curious about woodturning, then this is a good place to start!

Cutting Tools

The writer has the pen, the painter has brushes, and the woodturners have cutting tools.

Additional Items

There are many tools that an artisian woodturner uses to craft their vision.

Building a Good Foundation

Here are some more articles to help you build a good foundation in your new craft.



Tool Sharpening

Where to get Wood

Processing Wood

Wood turning is a fun and rewarding craft, but you must also be aware of safety.  Read more...

How do you keep your new tools sharp?  Are their systems out there to help you? Read more...

Where can you buy wood?  Can you use harvest it yourself and prepare it?  Read more...

Now that you have your wood, how do you prepare and mount it on the lathe?  Read more...


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Located in Riply, West Virginia

a Chapter of AAW

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